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Personal Item Repairs

There are many items that may need to be altered to a high and professional standard, such as handbags, hats and gloves and much more, and when you make the decision to get these items altered it is important that you are able to call upon the services of the professionals for all of your needs, as this means that the results will always be fantastic.

Handbag repairs

Leather handbags can be wonderfully luxurious items to carry on your arm every day, but it is important that they are able to stay that way with the use of handbag repairs services. Our leather and suede cleaners can help to leave your handbag sparkling clean, and this means that you will be proud to show it off when you are out and about.

Item cleaning

Because we are a professional dry cleaning service in addition to providing alterations, you can be sure that your items will be taken care of in every way. There are many items that need to be dry cleaned because they are so delicate, and if this is something that you require at the moment then there is no doubt that our dry cleaning service would be ideal for you.

Express service now available

Call into our Omagh Fashion Boutique store to take advantage of our express service. This caters for all minor repair work, including zips, and hems. Otherwise you can get in contact now for a free quotation.

Alteration Services

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